My favourite new super good vegan pasta sauce

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I certainly must live up to your expectations with my title. But I´m not kidding here! It´s hearty, full of good stuff for your body, extremely easy to make even if you´re not this Nigella-ish figure (pun might be intended) in your kitchen. I certainly am not. I like easy stuff. I´ve just recently experienced with food prepping, but I still don´t like spending hours in front of my stove. Or dehydrator for that matter.  

Seriously, this is one damn fine pasta recipe, folks! It´s vegan, but can be used as a side dish to poultry or fish. To add some extra proteins, why not stir-fry tofu...you get the point. I can imagine that by adding some pine kernels to the top could make it even tastier. Try whatever you want! The basic recipe is incredibly simple. I came up with the idea mainly because I had these ingredients in my pantry and actually the whole idea was to make this hummus-like dip. I accidentally used this as a pasta sauce and FELL IN LOVE immediately. So, spreading the love here. 

Please try this recipe and if you want, leave a comment and maybe even some ways to make this recipe EVEN better, if possible - either via this blog or Instagram. 

Yeah, and you probably noticed I´m writing in english. I´m blaming IG. I´ve started following several lovely veggie/healthfood/vegan IG accounts, and getting loads of inspiration....sooooo I wanted to write in English in case any of you IG followers wanted to read my blog. AND also because writing in English is still much easier for my brain. Sorry for the spelling mistakes. 


1 ripe avocado (cause we need it to be really mushy and creamy)
250g red lentils (lazy asses like me can use the ones that are ready-to-eat)
Lemon or lime
A small handfull of parsley, basil or other herbs of your choice. I used flat-leaf parsley. 
Chili (either fresh or )
Salt and pepper
0,5-1 tbs tomatopure (or ketchup! anything tomatoish will do)

Just add all the main ingredients together in a bowl. Use a hand blender to make a creamy, smooth-textured sauce or put everything in a blender. Add about half of lemons juice, maybe even less if you want your sauce to be less tangy. Add sea-salt, pepper and chili. Taste! Start with a little less with your spices and add up if necessary. 

That´s it :) You´ll get your plant based proteins from lentils, lots of good fats from avokado and a great taste for sure. Cook some pasta and add this sauce in to mix it well with pasta when pasta when it´s still warm. I guarantee you will love it! And try also using it as a dip for your veggies, just like you would do with hummus. 

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