Midsummer 2015

Noniin ovatko ihmiset toipuneet juhannusriennoista? Itse en ole. Tänäänkin väsytti vielä. Juhannus meni perheiden kanssa ,mikä ei kuitenkaan tarkoittanut tylsää menoa. Ahemmm, päinvastoin. Ruoka, juoma ja seura oli mainiota. Sauna lämpimänä 24/7. Klassista, mutta hyväksi todettua. 

// We really took our Midsummer seriously and partied / chillaxed at his family´s summer cottage for several days...and guess what, the same thing continues tomorrow. We had to come to the city for work and, yeah, a couple of good night sleeps until we´ll start all over again. Being entrepreneurs, we don´t get to enjoy the same kind of summer vacation Finns usually have (like several weeks long and paid one...) but who cares when you can enjoy shorter ones more often! Work hard, play hard. Family motto. I myself haven´t worked THAT hard lately, my brain is already on a vacation mode. Might be a hard job to keep July totally work free ´cause there´s many cool things to come and fun planning ahead. Also one has to make a living. Yet I try to chill out and enjoy this season as much as I can because next Fall will bring new and exciting things in my life. But let´s not get ahead. It´s only June and there´s plenty of summery fun ahead. With my tiny but gorgeous fam <3  //

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